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A resourceful DIY legal guide for men going through the family law process.

Good men are losing custody of their children. 

Whether due to an inability to afford professional legal representation, or a lack of access to the necessary information regarding proper legal process; fathers are experiencing severe loss and suffering. 

The negative effect of an unjust legal system is placing an incredible strain on the mental health of children and parents. Suicide as a result of fathers being isolated from their children has reached an untenable level in Australia.

Successful outcomes in the courtroom are gained through knowledge and preparation. The only way to fight this issue is to empower men to stand up for their own rights. 


Beck Legal is helping you to fight for your children. Our DIY Legal Guide for Men offers a step by step pathway to give you the resources needed to approach a case with a voice that can be heard. Knowing the in’s and out’s of the process is the key to making a difference in the outcome of a case. This gives you the confidence to represent yourself with certainty and assert yourself in the courtroom.

Don’t risk fighting legal battles in the dark. You could be putting your children, assets, and income in harm's way.

Our guide will teach you about:

  • The do’s and don'ts of separation

  • The mediation process

  • Your entitlements under the law

  • Divorce lodgement procedures

  • Hearings and preparing proposals

  • The formal court process 

  • Legal advice on trial preparation

  • Communicating with the Judge

  • State and Territory Laws

  • Being the respondent vs being the aggrieved

  • Using legal templates 

  • Ensuing arrangements arising from proceedings.

Acting now is your best shot at defence, and protecting your lawful rights as a father. Join below:

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Consider all your options and make an informed choice. If it's unclear as to which is the best route to take, give us a call for an obligation free chat.

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The bond with your children is irreplaceable; that's worth fighting for.

Client Testimonial 

Cody was instrumental in helping me get the time that my daughter and I deserve together and dealing with court and mediation. He also sponsored a men's mental health day that I organised. 
One of the good guys and a great lawyer, I started as a client but ended up a friend. I would and do recommend him to anyone.

Brad (Father of 1 Gold Coast)


Team Beck

The faces behind the DIY Legal Guide is a cohesive team of legal professionals, experienced in a variety of areas within criminal and family law.

Our expertise includes Binding Financial Agreements, Children's Matters, Property Settlement and more.

We are committed to constant learning and keeping abreast of pertinent developments in the Magistrates, District and Supreme court, Federal Circuit Court and Family Court.

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Standing up for fathers individually and challenging the system imbalance.

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