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If your child has been taken out of your care by the other parent without your permission and they are refusing to return them then you may need to make an Application to the Federal Circuit Court or the Family Court to have them returned to you. There are many factors taken into account by the Court. If successful, the Australian Federal Police will be called upon to locate the other parent and the child and return the child to you. Many factors need to be taken into account by the Court when considering this, very serious, situation. Our Lawyers are skilled at presenting your case to the Court in the best possible light to give you the best chance at having your child returned safely into your care. We understand that this can be a very worrying time for a parent. We will be here to help you and if need be we will work outside of hours and on weekends to ensure that your child is returned to your care as soon as possible.

All of our advice is tailored to meet your personal situation and needs. Talk to one of our team today to find out how we can support you.


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